You’re gonna love this new track from WYO. You’ll want to roll your windows down and blast this in the middle of the road next to a dude with his red Ford F-150, or whoever else might be next to you. Titled “On Your Own,” the cut is featured on the band’s upcoming album, Changes, out officially on May 31st.

According to the band, the track, “is about leaving your hometown to see what else is out there. Often times we find ourselves wanting more out of life, and don’t want to look back saying, ‘I never tried that.’ The song is about those first steps in turning a new chapter in life, and ultimately discovering that home is where the heart is.”

Check out the song below.

Changes tracklisting:

  1. Don’t Stop
  2. Queen of the Bees
  3. On Your Own 
  4. Do it Alone
  5. Moonlight
  6. Dead Weight
  7. Hot Lights
  8. Drive 
  9. Stay Awake
  10. All I know