Hit Like A Girl is the one-person passion project of New Jersey native Nicolle Maroulis. Yes, the name is a little obtuse, but I need you to be willing to look beyond that. The project is responsible for some of the warmest and most passionate full-bodied emo records of the year. They released their debut album You Make Sense last September, and it’s track after track of pure bliss that you’re about to kick yourself for sleeping on– I know I have!

Today, we’re bringing you the one-shot music video for the album’s closer, the aptly titled “Ukulele Song.” The track itself makes good on the only promise of the title, it’s just Nicolle’s vocals and a ukulele working together to create a sickeningly sweet and happily hypnotic love-song that you’re bound to bop your head to. It’s cute, Nicolle’s shaky vocals make the delivery feel more earnest and authentic than anything else on the record, and the one-shot video is an equally endearing way to absorb the track.

When asked about the track, Nicolle said: “‘Ukulele Song’ is the closing track on Hit Like A Girl’s debut full-length record titled You Make Sense. I wrote Ukulele Song sitting in my car outside of a friend’s house while listening to Delta Spirit and thinking about how I wanted to write a love song to my at-the-time girlfriend. The song is very simple, and I wanted a simple music video to reflect that. I’ve always found “one-shot” music videos to be visually appealing because the artist literally has one shot to get it right! The video was shot in Montclair, New Jersey by Rick Pruden and edited by yours truly.

“Ukulele Song” comes from Hit Like A Girl’s debut album, You Make Sense, which is out now. Pick up your copy here. The music video for “Ukulele Song” can be seen above.

Catch them on tour starting tomorrow.

Hit Like A Girl Tour Dates
11/17 – Richmond, VA
11/18 – Boone, NC
11/19 – Nashville, TN
11/20 – Bloomington, IN
11/21 – Cincinnati, OH
11/22 – Akron, OH
12/8 – Albany, NY
12/9 – Boston, MA
12/10 – New Haven, CT