Could we be in the midst of a neon pop revival? After listening to FRENCHIE!, it sure seems that way! The Memphis-based band combine elements of pop punk with the vocal stylings and catchiness of sugar pop anthems.

The video for their single “SMR GRLZ,” which we have the pleasure of premiering for you today, is a perfect mashup of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” and the silliness of videos from pop punk standouts like All Time Low or Waterparks. It’s a super fun viewing experience that flips back and forth between performance shots and the antics of a slumber party.

When asked about the video, FRENCHIE! said:

This video was so much fun to make! I wanted to capture the spirit of the classic campy all-american girl sleepover movie scene, but we didn’t have any money for extras… so we just played the girls. It was really fun and silly and the idea just ended up working out so well. We just wanted it to be as ridiculous as possible.

The song is so light-hearted that I knew we needed a video that really captured that spirit and I think we succeeded. Michael and Blair and everyone that worked on this were awesome and super into it! Plus it had so many of my favorite things peppered in there! Best friends, the live show, and holy cow all that Mountain Dew. I really did chug all that soda. I felt terrible afterwards but we got the shot!

Watch the video for “SMR GRLZ” above.