Lindsay Latimer has a background unlike many others. While many peers have grown up surrounded by music, not many have undergrads in classical voice performance.

That’s just the beginning of what makes Lindsay Latimer special — with a voice that soars loud and clear, driven by energy and diving deep into he realms of rich colors, she never shies away from what inspired her to chase music in the first place. Her sound is as distinctive as her writing is relatable at it’s core, and has received airplay through NPR and Starbucks radio worldwide to spread her music.

Her debut folk EP, Grow Wild, was produced by Chris Latham (John Oates, Dolly Parton), and was followed up by Teenage Lullaby in 2017, showcasing her transition to a more pop-driven sound. Nestled comfortably into her indie-pop world, Lindsay Latimer has been working on her upcoming EP, Little Tiny Ocean, for a while — even self-producing. The EP is set to drop on February 7th , but Substream is excited to team up with her to debut her new single, “Bloodstream.”

Latimer shares, “This is a song about addiction—the first thing I wrote when I finally admitted to myself that I had become enslaved to Instagram. We get good at pushing the positives of whatever we’re addicted to. Meanwhile, we’re dying inside. Over time I let social media control my perception of who I was and how well I was performing. It’s so simple to put your toe in and before you know it, you’ve sunk. I felt stuck. I wanted to start living a life free from that captivity to something intangible.”