The Maine is currently wrapping up their stint on this summer’s final cross-country run of Warped Tour. They have been on the run all summer long, and while there are only five dates left, the band has no plans on slowing down.

Back in the spring, the Maine embarked on a tour in which they marketed as their “final headlining tour of 2018,” and then of course went out on Warped Tour this summer. This left some to speculate if the band had something lined up in the fall, or what their plans would wind up being. Yesterday on Twitter, the band seemingly answered any questions with one tweet:

With the tweet, the Maine share a photo of themselves with producer Matt Squire and a text between drummer Pat Kirch and Squire. Kirch initially reaches out on the 10th anniversary of their debut album, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, back on July 8th, to which Squire replies congratulating the band on the 10th anniversary before stating “stoked for October,” implying that they will once again will be working together this fall. The band further solidifies this with their caption on Twitter simply saying “It begins. #7,” with the hashtag representing the upcoming album being their seventh studio release.

The news comes on the heels of the previously announced 8123 Fest, which will go into it’s second edition this upcoming January. During the festival, the band will performing two sets: one full of requests on Friday, January 18th, and a full album performance of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop on Saturday, January 19th. It’s unclear if the band will have any new material to debut during the festival, though back in the festival’s debut in 2017, the band were gearing up to release Lovely Little Lonely so they were able to perform the debut single “Bad Behavior” live for fans.

We will keep you updated throughout the process and of course any updates regarding the Maine’s upcoming 7th studio album. For more information on 8123 fest head here, and be on the lookout for a full lineup announcement soon!