Again. Tom. Again. Scott. Rancid? Fine. Tom? Rancid.

Let’s go:

  1. Troublemaker (2017)

SW: Trouble.

TK: Maker.

SW: This is Rancid’s most recent album.

TK: Indeed.

SW: I love Rancid.

TK: Girl, same. Where I’m going: This album ranks last for us.

SW: I got them blues again.

TK: Beauty of the blue hall.

SW: Beauty of the jew hall. Any Rancid is good Rancid, but we had to put one album last.

TK: Say goodbye to our heroes.

SW: That’s a little much. This is not the end.

  1. Let The Dominos Fall (2009)

TK: Up to no good.

SW: I ain’t worried.

TK: This record is Branden Steineckert’s (formerly of The Used) first full length with Rancid.

SW: I caught fire.

TK: Wrong band, bro.

SW: I’m a fake, I’m a fake, I’m a fake!

TK: You don’t listen.

SW: I ain’t worried.

TK: It’s funny (in a not funny way) that you mentioned that song again. That song reminds me of seminal classic rock band, The Transplants.

SW: Shampoo commercial.


  1. Honor Is All We Know (2014)

SW: Honor.

TK: Is.

SW: All.

TK: We.



SW: This may be Rancid’s most rock ‘n roll record.

TK: There’s so many different musical influences here: Hardcore. Punk. Ska.

SW: (It was a) collision course.

TK: (Not a) malfunction.

SW: Turn in your badge.

TK: The band definitely took its time with this record and it showed.

SW: Onto the second self-titled Rancid album…

  1. Rancid (2000)

TK: Rancid.

SW: Rancid.

  1. Rancid (1993)

TK: Rancid.

SW: Rancid.

  1. Indestructible (2003)

TK: This is a super slick release for Rancid. I absolutely love it.

SW: Stand your ground.

TK: It’s emotional. It’s honest. It’s genuine.

SW: Indestructible.

TK: Out of control.

SW: On a random note, when I think of this record, I think of seminal classic rock titan, Kelly Osbourne.

TK: Crazy train.

SW: Out of control.

TK: Joking aside, I even went as far as to tattoo the lyrics “Through Music, We Can Live Forever” straight across my chest because when I listen to this album’s title track, I feel that exact same way… indestructible.

  1. Let’s Go (1994)

SW: Let’s.

TK: Go.

SW: Let’s.

TK: Stop.

  1. Life Won’t Wait (1998)

SW: This is my favorite Rancid album, but I got outvoted by Tom’s tattoo.

TK: Who would’ve thought?

SW: Wrongful suspicion.

TK: Here’s an accurate assessment: Rancid is NOT afraid to take chances. This album proves said fact. I’m NOT  being 100% subjective. I’m stating a fact and I’m being 100% objective.

SW: Who would’ve thought?

TK: (Shut up or I’ll give you my) crane fist.

SW: (I don’t want a) bloodclot.

  1. …And Out Come The Wolves (1995)

TK: The way I feel: This is the best Rancid record.

SW: That’s very Roots Radical of you. (pauses) I agree.

TK: I guess we’re done.

SW: Lock, step, & gone.

I have a B.A. in English from The University of Michigan and whenever I read the word “Rancid,” it looks like a typo. Anyway, here’s our Rancid playlist: