[Photo: Ennis Chung]

When you get a band that’s been influenced by everything from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Beck, OutKast, Wu-Tang Clan, and seemingly everything in between, there’s really no telling what the end result could be. New York four-piece Tribe Society might be one answer, though. The band is gearing up to release a new 10-track mixtape on March 3 and today we have the honor of unleashing the George Evan-directed music video for their newest single, “Secrets.”

If you’re the type that needs a ‘recommended if you like’ list to know what you’re getting into with a new artist, you’re shit out of luck with Tribe Society. Closest I can put together for you would be AWOLNATION or something in that vein, but even then, it’s a bit of a stretch. Tribe Society are practically in their own genre, but its certainly formed by elements of indie rock, alternative, hip-hop, and electronic music. Helluva combo, right? Just listen to “Secrets” and you’ll see what we mean.

“We wrote ‘Secrets’ in the studio while B-horror movies played in the background,” the band tells Substream. “These ominous visuals were our inspiration during the writing process, but this song isn’t actually about the secrets themselves… It’s about the events that can, and will, happen when those secrets come back to haunt us. ‘Secrets’ is one of our favorite songs to perform live. We wanted to create a video that captured the energy of our live performances while still having that dark, menacing vibe from the song.”

Mission accomplished, guys. “Secrets” is a haunting track with a powerful energy that will probably short out your EMF meter. The song is heavy—almost threatening—with an eerie atmosphere that will resonate with you indefinitely. The single’s visual accompaniment complements this vibe well, as you’ll see below: