Today is quite possibly the biggest day in the career of MUNA thus far. In addition to releasing their highly-anticipated debut album the group has also shared a new video that is sure to get fans and newcomers to their music alike talking in no time at all.

If you have yet to discover MUNA, let me start by saying you are in for a treat. “I Know A Place” is as much a protest song as it is a battle cry for the need to flee the chaos of the world and reconnect with your soul. The infectious beat gets your hips moving before the lyrics even begin, but when lines about recognizing your purpose and embracing your true self start flowing your brain begins moving as well. Call it thinking person’s pop or escapism for the anxiety-ridden, but one thing we know for sure is that we cannot get enough of the sounds MUNA create.

The video for “I Know A Place” finds the members of MUNA sitting in a locked car while police in riot gear slowly approach. As those in uniform close in they begin swinging their batons, but the members of MUNA remain calm. We then see others in the car, all unique in their own way, and they too are peacefully resisting the war outside the vehicle. It’s a powerful clip that is beautifully shot and you can enjoy it for yourself below:

“I Know A Place” is just one of several potential hit songs that can be found on MUNA’s debut album, About U. That album, which hit stores today through RCA Records, is available now at digital retailers and on premium music subscription services.

MUNA will be celebrating the release of About U with a tour later this month. Visit the group’s official website for dates and ticket information.