Life is full of ambiguity. We are complex beings living in a complex world, and that complexity can often be confounding. Trying to interpret someone’s emotions through their texts, trying to figure out where you stand with someone you’re crushing on, and even figuring out how your own feelings can be a giant jumble. Other things are painfully evident, though. If an emotion or situation is powerful enough, it’ll reveal its true nature in no time at all. San Francisco artist SUMif, who we last heard from in October with “Know You,” has discovered how easily the truth can become clear. She’s releasing a new single on the feeling called “Obvious,” premiering this morning.

The truth hit SUMif like a thunderbolt, and she translates that into the intro of “Obvious.” The synths are minimal to begin with, creating a chamber of sound for her to describe the fog evaporating from her brain and her eyes opening. The feelings that inspired “Obvious” were clearly strong, and the power of these emotions translates into her delivery. When those feelings are fully realized and she declares her love on the chorus, the music joins in the celebration. A simple hi-hat keeps the song moving as waves of warm synths crash into each other, flooding the track with the delight of finding the emotional truth. It doesn’t let up, and “Obvious” serves as a joyful celebration for SUMif figuring out how she feels.

In fitting with the theme, SUMif gave a short and sweet explanation for the track. She says “‘Obvious’ is about the moment you are finally able to see through the blurred vision of denial. The answer was always right in front of you, but it took someone, or something, else to truly allow you to see it in focus.”

You know what else is obvious? The fact you should grab your headphones and stream “Obvious” now.