The attraction that occurs when you meet someone you just connect with can be electric. There’s a rush as soon as you start talking and realize that you are completely on the same frequency as this new person. It could happen out on the dance floor or hanging out with friends, but when that spark happens it’s nice to have a song that matches the feeling to cue up. You’re in luck, as San Francisco artist and producer SUMif–the performance moniker of Steph Wells–explores just that experience on her new single “Know You.” We’ve got the premiere of “Know You” right here, so get ready for a good time.

Wells’ voice and her production skills share equal space on “Know You.” The big echoing synths that begin the track serve as the perfect template for her to build on, stacking a poppy, melodic collection of tricks onto a bass line that gives “Know You” that danceable oomph without overpowering. The balance between the music and the lyrics is perfect as well, with both playing off each other to create the effect of complete and total enchantment. When Wells opens up the chorus singing “Girl, I want to know you,” you can hear the intoxicating rush of emotion that occurs when two people are into each other. No matter what level you want to look at it from, “Know You” works.

The message of “Know You” matches its sound, with Wells saying “‘Know You’ is about being captivated by another person in a totally new way. It’s the type of attraction where in it you discover new things about yourself that make you feel alive.’

You can listen to SUMif’s brand new single “Know You” below.