The grind of everyday life can get to us pretty easily. We have to deal with so much all the time, it’s no wonder many people feel like they’re drowning in life’s responsibilities. When that happens, it can be good to take some time away in order to regroup and focus ourselves. That can be as drastic as taking a vacation to another country, or as simple as turning off our electronics and reflecting on your journey. New York band Earthquake Lights have done some soul-searching when it comes to their own journey, and the result is their new single and video “So Far No Luck.” We’re thrilled to give the band a platform to share their findings with the premiere here today.

“So Far No Luck” is one of Earthquake Lights’s most introspective tracks to date. Myles Rodenhouse shines bright here, as his work on the piano is the anchor and the soul of the track. The listener can immediately tell a lot of love went into “So Far No Luck,” as the music carries a thoughtful air to it. Each piece is lovingly put into place, with a stirring crescendo of feeling and instrumentation that culminates in a reflective, touching finish. Rodenhouse’s lyrics find him pondering both the hardships and the triumphs of the trek through life, and he addresses both with wisdom and understanding.

The video for “So Far No Luck” is equally moving. Directed by Minu Park, the video finds Rodenhouse feeling trapped in his New York apartment. He takes to the streets on his bicycle to clear his head, and in the process he shows us the small beauties hiding all around us, from the power of nature to the small moments of human joy and kindness taking place every second. It’s a powerful reminder to approach life with clarity, and it’s shot brilliantly to boot.

Rodenhouse put a lot of his own being into the track. He says

“‘So Far No Luck’ is about the millennial thing. It’s about being told to go to college, pursue your dreams, and be whatever you want to be. And after all that it’s about pushing as hard as you can to make it work, but without success. Then you look back at what you’ve done and you wonder, where else could I be right now? What could I have pursued? Has this pursuit gotten in the way of some other success? But more than these thoughts, this track is about viewing those feelings from a bigger perspective, and not being resigned to feeling resigned. Focusing on the happiness the process has brought you, and not the outcome you may have reached. Continuing to push if your heart tells you, and being OK with losing time and failing to find your dreams. So Far No Luck is designed to be cathartic for everyone that has loved and lost. I always think of my loved ones who’ve had difficulty coming to terms with their direction and feel lost. This track is for them, and everyone that feels alone or like they’re going nowhere. We all face times like this, and it’s OK to pursue dreams and to fail.”

Follow Earthquake Lights on this journey and watch “So Far No Luck” below.