Boaz BagBag, a former Immigrant-turned-widely successful entrepreneur, continues to thrive, influence and inspire during a time in the economy that hasn’t been seen since the early development. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only accumulated one of the largest death tolls in American history but from an economic standpoint, left the country in ruins financially as many companies folded during the virus spread that continues till this very day.

BagBag, who generated popularity in 2019 with his success in the auto industry, was no exception to the virus’s crippling hold on our culture and its finances; however, familiar with struggle, obstacles and less fortune, the award-winning entrepreneur knew how to maneuver and maintain a steady flow of revenue that he shared with others. Entrepreneurs are seldom what you usually imagine them to be. Once in a while, you will come up with the ones who will leave a long-lasting impact on you. Indeed, the best don’t just work to generate revenue; they set an example for the younger generations.

An Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Boaz BagBag has established a business model that aims to boost the workforce – his mutual relations Wall Street investors have recently a high interest in his business plans to further the economy by providing jobs. Boaz is opening up the business’s first locations in the New York, Washington DC, Miami, and Atlanta areas, emphasizing marginalized communities.

Many individuals think about establishing themselves in the industry but have been unable to do so either due to a lack of confidence or motivation. Today, we spotlight New York City native Boaz Bagbag, an individual who started with an idea and turned that idea into a flourishing enterprise.

By creating these steady jobs, Boaz is looking to provide sustainable opportunities and bright futures to the neighboring minority communities such as the Spanish and Black communities.