The American Dream, we all are infatuated with the underdog story that comes with this wealthy ideology of overcoming adversity, poverty, and dictatorship. It’s (American Dream) what foreigner dreams about when they envision success for themselves and/or their family. Its a never-ending story that today, self-made millionaire Boaz Bagbag begins his exciting new chapter as he becomes an American.

Today, New York Congressman Adriano Espaillat proudly honored the 54-year-old former-Israeli immigrant-turned-tech entrepreneur Bagbag into U.S. citizenship after 25 years as a United States immigrant in honor of his many years of community outreach. Espaillat serves the 13th District and spoke highly of Bagbag’s involvement in the community and becoming a tech guru that provided opportunities to many similar U.S. immigrants. During a brief ceremony, Bagbag was recognized for his hard work, creativity, business mind, and the pursuit of happiness that inspired so many other family men like himself.

A genius, Boaz Bagbag is the CEO of Mobileye, an automotive tech giant that is licensed by the government. Created award-winning safety devices, through patents and other investments, Bagbag has grown his brand from an up-and-coming automotive business into predicted billion dollar empire by 2020. With the inventor earning 50 million dollar net worth through his consumer transportation business.

While establishing wealth for himself, Bagbag created an opportunity for others through his black car service. Allowing U.S. immigrants to make a living through their transition to the U.S. as self-contractors while providing them with vehicles and the opportunity to own their business. Both transportation giants Lyft and Uber have partnered with Bagbag and his Luxury One Corp.

Along with supplying employment, Bagbag is heavily involved in the Tri-State area’s Jewish community as a proud member of the faith. Helping provide the community with a personal ambulance service and building of a local children’s research clinic for Autism. Compassion, direction, growth, Bagbag journey is an inspiring tale that will lead the way for generations to follow in the philanthropist’s granted footsteps.

Children’s clinic, automotive safety and involvement in local politics, Bagbag still has even bigger plans for the tri-state area. Further extensions into the remodeling of Manhattan, Bagbag is set on building change for not just immigrants like himself but all Americans period with more self-employment opportunities, participation in local issues, overall better living.