Chandler Juliet has only been in the public eye since 2018, but she’s already made a name for herself making emotionally impactful pop music. With distinctive sounds that combine acoustic writing, production that builds huge ideas out of simple beats and melodies, and relatable lyrics, Juliet’s previous singles have been winners. Fans now have a collection of work to hold onto, as the pop artist released her debut EP elements on Friday.

elements is made up of four tracks. Three of them–”burning sage,” “gravitational,” and tidal wave”–we’ve heard before. They’re just as good here, and they work well together. The sounds flow together beautifully, and thematically you can hear the growth and evolution of Juliet over each track. The EP ends on new track “hide and seek,” which uses a groovy hook and well-placed finger snaps to create a danceable and anthemic exclamation point to end the collection. Hearing all of these tracks in one place is a joy, and Chandler Juliet is clearly ready to take the leap into an even brighter musical future.

You can stream Chandler Juliet’s debut EP elements below.