Funeral Advantage is the alias of Massachusetts-based recording artist Tyler Kershaw.

He’s gearing up to release his new album, Nectarine, under this moniker on February 22nd via Sleep Well Records. This new release saw him pull away from the intense, personal emotions found on his previous releases, and instead found him looking for other new things to address in Funeral Advantage.

“I was having a hard time relating to my previous output. I wanted to make art about things other than myself and my experiences. I have a much healthier relationship with Nectarine than I did with my other releases,” explains Kershaw.

It’s this self removal from the subject matter that allowed Kershaw to take a more straight forward approach to the brand of sad, yet incredibly upbeat and catchy pop music that Funeral Advantage has become known for amongst fans.

“You have to balance between leading a mentally sound personal life and the life you try to imitate while people are looking at you,” Kershaw shares. “My songs are going to be about how certain people deal with that, for now.”

Today, we are excited to team up with Funeral Advantage to bring you a new single from Nectarine, called “Peach Nectarine.” The track is undeniably a fun listen, albeit one that lyrically is devastating and gut punching at the same time.

On “Peach Nectarine,” Kershaw explains, “This song is about a one-sided open relationship. There is always someone who wants it more than the other person and I have always been more fascinated with the person who wants it less.”


funeral advantage nectarine


  1. Rinsed
  2. Black House
  3. Peach Nectarine
  4. Stone Around Your Neck
  5. Bad Magnet
  6. Take Me Down
  7. It Never Gets Any Better, You Just Get Used to It

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