Musical artists use the word “you” a lot. It’s almost impossible not to use it at some point during an album. That being said, when an artist says “you,” there’s a strong chance there is no specific “you.” The “you” here is almost always a metaphorical you. If they are talking about a specific person, chances are it’s not you, sitting at home and listening. With all that said, some of the best musicians can make a song seem like they’re speaking directly to the listener. Small Talks – the musical project of Cayley Spivey – has crafted an entire album with that effect. The new album, entitled A Conversation Between Us, is out tomorrow, but Substream is streaming the album a day early.

That connection between artist and listener isn’t possible without a strong musical base, and Spivey delivers a mountain of musical talent on A Conversation Between Us. Through all ten songs the album remains consistent and strong in quality, with rock-like guitars and crashing drums merging with clever use of pop melodies and atmospheric effects (“Bed” is a perfect example of this) to create an album that feels like one big continuous piece of music. Lyrically, Spivey delivers one of the strongest efforts of this young year. “Oceans” uses vivid water metaphors to explain what it’s like to explore another person’s mindset and personality, and “Anybody” conveys such strong attachment and desire for someone you might just start missing them for Spivey. “Nicotine & Tangerines” is one of my favorite tracks, using its uptempo guitars and reminisce about a perfect summer to transport listeners into those warm, happy memories Spivey holds dear. There are a number of pleasant surprises and experiments on A Conversation About Us as well, like the heavier, more aggressive sounds of album closer “Thinking Of The Sun.” Taken as a whole Small Talks has created a powerful, deeply personal album with A Conversation About Us.

The coziness and intimate nature of A Conversation Between Us was a goal from the start. Spivey says “”The album’s titled A Conversation Between Us because I wrote about a lot of personal topics and shared it like I would during a private conversation with someone I trust. I dug into my subconscious while writing this album in hopes of discovering what inspires me and why. It is dedicated to the human condition and those who feel lonely – not because they are alone, but because they can’t find the words to express to others what matters to them.”

Listen to Small Talks’s new album A Conversation Between Us. You can also keep up with Small Talks on Twitter.