Shy Beast is an indie-pop band hailing from Austin, Texas. Since their inception, the group has been confidently stepping into the spotlight embracing both fear and conviction to embrace a sound that resonates on a heart level. The band has made tremendous strides and leaps in its first ear of existences, and look to continue to grow.

A few weeks ago, Shy Beast announced that their new EP, Leave Me/Let Me, will be released on November 30th. “Each track on the EP Leave Me/Let Me represents a different type of rebellion. The song ‘Monday/Sunday’ walks through the smug enjoyment of giving someone a taste of their own medicine, whereas ‘Leave Me Be’ and “Flowers Grow’ provide elements of a stubbornness in the face of social norms,” explains front woman Mariclaire “MC” Glaeser.

Serving a the follow-up to 2017’s self-titled EP, Shy Beast have crafted Leave Me/Let Me to provide three-honed tracks that show their maturity to their synth-driven pop-rock sound. Shy Beast have found their footing in the evolving music scene, through an evolution of their own songwriting process that plays out like the wonderful listening experience it is.

Today we are bringing you an exclusive premiere of the new single from Shy Beast called “Leave Me Be.” The track shows their creative chops, kicking off with a hip-hop inspired piano hook, driven by a thumping and demanding bass riff, ultimately topped off with an impressively smooth vocal performance from Glaeser.

“‘Leave Me Be’ is about needing space and alone time to deal with grief or great life change. The song seems to say  ‘I’m not ok. No, you can’t help me. Give me time and I’ll be fine,” explains Glaeser on “Leave Me Be.”

Shy Beast will be releasing Leave Me/Let Me on November 30th, and you can pre-order the release here. Check out EP details and their upcoming shows below.

Leave Me/Let Me Tracklisting:

  1. Monday/Sunday
  2. Leave Me Be
  3. Flowers Grow

Upcoming Tour Dates: 

Nov 24 – Austin, TX @ Spider House (EP Release Show)

Nov 30 – Austin, TX @ Cheer Up Charlie’s

Dec 1 – Austin, TX @ Holiday Stroll | Texas State Capitol

Dec 7 – Austin, TX @ Black Fret Ball | Mood Theater