Astoria State delivers a hard-hitting anthem for the lost with their new single, “Nobody Knows.”

Nobody warns you that growing up involves an overwhelming sense of loss. As we begin to see the world for what it really is and learn our place in society’s hierarchy, we lose something. We are no longer the children who believe anything is possible, but adults who understand that we must fight for everything we want in life. The world has a way of making our once warm hearts grow cold, and on their new single “Nobody Knows,” up-and-coming rockers Astoria State want to understand the meaning behind the chaos.

Boasting an instantly memorable chorus and driving melody, “Nobody Knows” is Astoria State’s desperate plea for answers. The track burrows into our darkest moments, the times when all hope seems lost, and then asks why we must endure the suffering of life. That visceral pain, which all of us experience, comes through crystal clear. You can find some sense of solace in the understanding that those difficult times are familiar to everyone. It might not be an answer, but there is comfort, which we need more of in 2021.

Today, Substream is thrilled to share the video for “Nobody Knows,” which itself has a mystery to share. Check it out:

Speaking about the track, Danny Resnick says:

“Nobody Knows’ is a song that we really wanted to portray the visual and ethereal feeling of the chaos that can ensue in life. We wanted to project the feeling that takes over sometimes when the wreckage is so visceral. It is a recollection of being in a dark place without the answers, and making a plea to find them. The song is the about the revelation you have when you are running away from the carnage without a place to go. Ultimately, it’s about accepting that we don’t know the answers, but having the hope that our resolve will lead us to them.”

As to the video and its inspiration, Resnick adds:

“The video for “Nobody Knows” was filmed at a ranch in Hemet, CA by Sean Sweetman of Sweetman Media from a script written by Astoria State’s Jesse Carroll and co-produced by Resnick. The beautiful views and remote feeling of the location were the selling points. We wanted to represent the desolation of this song’s emotion visually and this was the perfect location.”

Astoria State is just getting started. Though “Nobody Knows” is an incredibly polished work, the band is only starting to declare their arrival as a must-watch rock act. With vaccines spreading and the return of live music finally on the horizon, the rest of 2021 looks bright for the band. Nobody knows where they go from here, but we’d wager that it’s going to be somewhere good.