Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Kid Bloom (Lennon Kloser) has released a brand new single, “Sparkle.” It is the latest song to be released from his upcoming new EP, Shaky Knees, which is set to be released in August.

“Sparkle” emerged during a session with another artist at a friend’s studio right down the street from Kloser’s house. Inspired by the oddball, angular charm of classic rock legend Joe Walsh, Kloser came up with the song’s big bass line and sang falsetto vocals over the chorus. “But I don’t want to be the guy with long hair making ’70s music in 2023, so we took the song back to my house and kept messing with it,” he shares.

Eventually, after cutting the vocals again Kloser was able to adjust their speed until he came up with something that, in his own words, “sounded like an alien. It changed the whole trajectory.” Like Shaky Knees as a whole, the end result is rooted in a vintage style but masterfully produced with both feet planted in the musical present.

The official music video for “Sparkle” can be found below, which features professional motocross racer and model Trevor Stewart.

Shaky Knees Track-listing:

  1. Hotline
  2. Shaky Knees
  3. Sparkle
  4. Catch My Breath
  5. Get Right
  6. What U Need
  7. Walk with Me
  8. Feel It Too