Buzzing dance stars Laidback Luke, Gian Varela and Melfi unite for a mix-and-mash new single, perfect for the summertime fun, called “Ponme Loco.” Translated from Spanish to English as “Get Me Crazy,” the song merges highly diversified influences that’s rendered a single relatable to millions around the world. The song’s lyrics reflect Laidback Luke’s travels throughout his music career thus far.

Crediting Gian Varela’s Spanish background as heavy influence. The song lays the foundation for continued chemistry between Luke and Gian in the future that will evolve into a hit-making catalog. The single utilizes a clever tech-house platform to bring out a unique writing style while displaying infectious sample inclusions all in one go. The vibe is both melodic and poppy while still maintaining an energy that is primed for the club and dance floor-ready. The vocals of Melfi ascend the experience to that next plateau, her timbre and cadence adding an edge that ensures the release sticks to the listeners it reaches with its hooks and memorable moments.

“Ponme Loco started off with the vocals as the majority of my records do. So I came up with something simple, but catchy,” said Gian Varela. “Ponme Loco” means “Get Me Crazy,” – once I had a vocal idea, Melfi, with a distinguished low raspy vocal, was able to accomplish what I envisioned. From there we sent a demo to Luke & he took the record to the finish line. Definitely bringing that legendary laidback luke sound to the instrumental ending up with a Spanish/Latin House record that is sure to “get you crazy” in clubs and festivals!”

Luke added: “I met Gian Varela during this Miami Music Week and his energy and vibe works perfectly for my team and I. He came to us with a bag of demos and I felt Ponme Loco was the perfect fit for me. I think it will help a lot of people go “crazy” on the dance floors. Let’s go loco this summer!”

“Ponme Loco” is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans as the new stars continue to rock crowds all over the world this summer at various festivals.

Check out the new mixmash below, and afterward, continue to follow the rising stars on social media.