Hailing from Boston, now residing in Los Angeles, buzzing new songstress Lorelei Marcell is the talk of the town with her emotional lyrics and vocals that have everyone hopping on the bandwagon on her rise to the top. Today, she unveils her latest effort in the new EP, intriguingly titled Stranger. The latest release is a follow-up to her buzzing single “Nothing Hurts Better”.

In five songs, Stranger takes us on an emotional rollercoaster as the singer tries to familiarize herself with the new landscape and find her place and peace following the devastation. As a whole, Stranger successfully captures all of the existential parts of heartbreak, change and even joy. Throughout the project, Marcell endures loss, passion, pain, simple pleasure, solace, back-sliding, self-discovery, faith and so much more. The EP’s subject matter brilliantly embodies relatable feelings of sadness but also clarity. It’s the perfect origin point for any newfound fan to get familiar with music’s next big star.

Marcell is best known for her 2019 breakout track “Losing Myself.” Since its release, the song has accumulated over 131,000 streams on Spotify and over 109,000 views on YouTube. Then came fan favorites to solidify her ascension, like “Your Biggest Fan,” “Human Nature” and “Masterpiece.” Stranger marks Marcell’s second EP release after her self-titled debut EP, which the five-song collection released in 2021. Stranger prepares fans for Marcell’s forthcoming debut album, currently in the works, expected in 2023.

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