The band You, Me, and Everyone We Know is one that’s had more incarnations than the Duggar’s have children. A constant tide brought waves of new musicians into the fold, but there was something special about the incarnation that toured on the project’s magnum opus, Dogged. Like the true Nostradamus in me saw coming, eventually, the band fizzled out. In true phoenix rising from the ashes, zombified hand rising from the grave fashion, this talented group of dudes re-emerged as Sleepy Limbs.

Unlike their previous project, Sleepy Limbs is responsible for a kind of sprawling and anthemic indie rock grips you with intrigue. Their self-titled debut is a five-song EP coming out tomorrow (9/22) on Know Hope Records and is one that’s sure to take a lot of people by surprise. There’s a cinematic feel to the opening track that leads directly into a surprisingly crashing and anthemic delivery. That same approach is taking throughout the whole of the record, and the constant flux between restraint and outright catharsis ensures that it carves out a space of its own in your brain.

When speaking on the new Sleepy Limbs record, vocalist Ben Roth says “This project was started as You, Me, and Everyone We Know came to an end. At the same time, Kory and Joe were learning/relearning some of my old songs to play a full band show and we started working on new song ideas I had floating around. The more we worked on new material we started to notice a chemistry between us as a 3 piece and just kinda went with it and started playing shows and writing more songs. And Sleepy Limbs was born. This EP is a time capsule. A documentation of a collective vibe and feeling that we honed in on as we wrote and recorded it. A lot of love, time, attention and intention were put into these jams. We hope you feel it. We hope you enjoy.

Speaking now, as a fan of Sleepy Limbs, I’m so excited to be the one who gets to share this record with y’all. I’ve had my eyes on them since the surprise drop of the song “Picket Pin” just over a year ago. Their debut is an incredible handful of some of the most carefully crafted and well executed indie rock of the year, and it’s one that a lot of people are going to be kicking themselves for sleeping on. A full stream of the record can be found below.

Sleepy Limbs is out on September 22nd via Know Hope Records. You can pre-order your copy of the record right here. Be sure to catch Sleep Limbs on tour starting tonight. All upcoming tour dates can be found below!

Sleepy Limbs — 2017 Tour Dates
Sep 21 The Smiling Moose Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 22 Lancaster Art Studios Lancaster, PA
Sep 23 Studio Luloo Oaklyn, NJ
Sep 24 Chateau d’If New Brunswick, NJ
Oct 25 The Southgate House Revival-Revival Room Newport, KY
Oct 30 Goldsounds Brooklyn, NY
Nov 01 The Barbary Philadelphia, PA*
* – w/ The Promise Hero