What is it that makes music “good”? There may be no set answer to that question, but as a critic for the past seven years, I’d like to think I have at least a decent handle on the concept. There’s a lot that goes in to making a good song, but at the end of the day, the best songs are the ones that make you feel something. Allman Brown‘s “Moonlight” is lush yet poignant, and from the very first note, will fill you with a sense of relief.

Though it was released just this past week, “Moonlight” feels like a song you may have heard before, because it conveys a message we all need to hear: that we can, and will, find relief from all that is weighing us down. When our burdens are too heavy to carry, taking in the small moments of beauty in the world around us can give us the peace of mind we didn’t even know we needed. Check out the lyrics to the chorus:

Suddenly I’m free of every heavy thing.
The pain, the hurt,
The sorrow it leaves me.
We run quicksilver in the moonlight

“Moonlight” follows “Bury My Heart” as the second single released from Allman Brown’s forthcoming EP Bury My Heart, which comes out March 16. The London-based artist will be playing SXSW this March, and hitting the road for a North American tour this May. Dates for that will be announced next week; in the mean time, prepare to lose yourself listening to his 2017 debut album, 1000 Hours.

Allman Brown Tour Dates: 

3/11 – Dallas, TX – Deep Ellum Art Co. (Skate or Die Fest)
3/13 – Austin, TX – Seven Grand (Reverb Nation x Killing Moon Live SXSW showcase, 8:15pm)
3/17 – Austin, TX – Barracuda (AGI x Xtra Mile Recordings SXSW showcase, 7:45pm)