In all of Spider-Man’s extensive collection of antagonists, Venom might be the most iconic. Big, brutish, and decked out in that black Symbiote suit, Venom is the antithesis of Spider-Man. While he’s more often the villain, the character has swung into anti-hero from time to time. This morning the first teaser for the Venom movie dropped, but it doesn’t give us many answers yet.

What is immediately clear is that Sony nailed the casting for this movie. Tom Hardy looks the way that you imagine Eddie Brock should look like (sorry, Topher Grace). In his voiceover, Brock talks about how every person has a moment in their life that changes them forever. In his case, it’s getting infected by an alien creature. Unfortunately we only see that creature in a holding tank, as the full Venom suit is nowhere to be found in the teaser. The best we get is Brock freaking out as the first transformation begins.

With six months between now and Venom‘s release date of October 5, it’s only a matter of time before we do get a trailer with the suit in it. For now, check out the first teaser above. There’s also the incredibly cool logo from the end of the teaser below, which we need framed posters of immediately.

venom logo