In their well-documented history, 2013 was a critical year for The Maine. They were gearing up to release their fourth full-length album, Forever Halloween, which was their second independent release following their break-up with Warner Bros Records.

The album revitalized their career, in some ways, and most importantly proved that The Maine could sustain success as a fully-independent band.

Over the years, Forever Halloween has gained a reputation as a cult classic, with more and more fans championing it as their favorite album. With each album released since, Forever Halloween songs have lost their place in The Maine’s live setlist, but they’re looking to right the ship — if only for one night, at least.

The Maine have announced that they will be celebrating the album with the newly-announced “Forever Halloween Ball.” The event will find the band performing the entire record from start to finish, live from The Orpheum, bringing these often-requested songs to life. “So Criminal,” anyone?

The Forever Halloween Ball is going to be the party we have all been waiting for,” says drummer Pat Kirch. “Performing that album in full on Halloween just seems meant to be! We are excited that we will be able to share this experience with everyone around the world.”

This will be the second livestream performance from The Maine, following their “Flowers On The Grave” livestream, in which they closed out the era for their 2019 album, You Are Ok. For the performance, The Maine donned their signature touring suits and played You Are Ok in full, receiving praise for its high production value, including its concert worthy lighting programming and audio quality.

Much like the first livestream, the “Forever Halloween Ball” will be air exclusively on The Maine’s membership based app, Pillar. Fans who already have a subscription to Pillar will be able to attend for free; those without can purchase a ticket or a bundle – both of which will include a 15 day Pillar trial in addition to the livestream. To celebrate the occasion and time of year, the event will also include a virtual costume contest, themed custom cocktails for fans to make at home and more.

The “Forever Halloween Ball” will air on Saturday October 31st 2020. Fans can purchase tickets and bundles here.