I’ve known Katie Martin for a minute. She’s one of the good ones. In fact, I don’t think that she’d ever kill me. Get it?

Here is our 100% subjective list ranking The Killers’ discography prior to their latest Imploding The Mirage:

5. Battle Born (2012)

KM: I’ll let you go first.

SW: Wait. You went first just now.

KM: “Battle Born” came out almost a full decade after “Hot Fuss”.

SW: It was only a matter of time.

KM: When I first heard this record it felt like a bat out of hell. Speaking of Meat Loaf, I get serious ML vibes in each “Battle Born” listen.

SW: Was it essentially paradise by the dashboard light?

KM: From one heart of a girl to another, yes.

4. Day & Age (2008)

SW: Wait, what? I guess I’m losing touch.

KM: Scott, I’m sorry. I’m only human. This is your life, I’m only here for a joyride. (pauses) Only.

SW: Damn, girl. You’re a neon tiger.

KM: Go back to space, man.

SW: You love that song!

KM: In all seriousness, “Spaceman” is one of my favorite Killers songs.

SW: The world we live in, Martin.

3. Hot Fuss (2004)

KT: It’s been fifteen years since 2004 and we still haven’t gotten out of our cages.

SW: I’m not doing just fine.

KT: Somebody told me that they may be able to help you with that.

SW: Jenny? A friend of yours?

KT: No. Andy. He’s a star.

SW: Love him. Love. Love. Love. Love him. Believe me, Catherine.

KT: Everything will be alright, Scott.

SW: This debut album could have been all these things that the band has done, but there’s two other records that Kate and I enjoy more than “Hot Fuss”.

KM: And there’s no changing our minds.

2. Wonderful Wonderful (2017)

SW: Wonderful.

KM: Wonderful.

SW: Newest album! Number two on this list! Who does number two work for?

KM: He works for the man. I don’t know, man. I’m kind of in a rut, man.

SW: Out of your mind!

KM: Question about this article: Have all the lines been written?

SW: Writing is my calling. Hopefully it’s in my life to come.

KM: You’ve got your money on straight.

SW: I’m in some kind of love with the most recent Killers album.

1. Sam’s Town (2006)

KM: Sam’s.

SW: Town.

Our favorite Killers record was/is/will always be FAR from a sophomore slump. Listen to this playlist when you were young.