Janelle Monáe has just released a track off of her newest upcoming album, Dirty Computer, and it comes with an exciting reunion. The song, “PYNK,” features Grimes, an artist who Monáe has worked on in the past, such as with the song, “Venus Fly” back in 2015.

While Monae’s R&B vibes can be heard throughout the verses, there’s an overall dreamy, soft pop feeling that flows through the song, along with Grimes adding an up-beat and techno-inspired riff throughout.

“PYNK” is an expression of gender fluidity, femininity and everything in between and that can be even more seen through the music video as well. Directed by Emma Westenberg, the music video for the song features Monáe and other women celebrating sexuality through warm shades of pink and making a statement with their bodies.

Visuals of the video such as women wearing panties that say “I grab back,” glowing signs that say “Pussy Power” or Monáe and other dancers wearing pants resembling vaginas, all express a message of both strength and softness.

Although parts of the song are soft and almost quiet, the song soon heats up with the chorus that turns into a face-paced, celebratory dance anthem. Although Monáe hasn’t shared an album release date yet, “PYNK” is the third song she’s released following “Make Me Feel” and “Django Unchained” which came out back in February.