It’s rare that we get the opportunity to cover a band that hails from Montana, but alas, here we are with King Ropes, a four-member psych-ish rock band that have a brand new EP titled Green Wolverine, which you can stream in full below via Bandcamp (you can also purchase it for just four bucks).

On the band’s Facebook, they state that they like “the Pixies to Neil Young, the Swans to Kurt Vile and Flaming Lips, Beck to Tom Petty, X to Kraftwerk to Wilco,” and this should actually give you a pretty good idea of what you might get from King Ropes’ music, as broad as that might be. Green Wolverine is made up of four relatively mellow country and folk-inspired rock songs that are deceptively simple and easy to digest.

Speaking of his whereabouts and their effect on his music, frontman Dave Hollier says, “I’m interested in the contrasts between urban and rural, eastern and western, sophisticated and raw, sweet and bludgeoning. People think it’s weird, a kid from Montana to move to New York in the ’80s. New York was pretty gnarly then, and Montana was really isolated, geographically and culturally, but those two extremes define who I am, and I think this music reflects that.”

Listen to Green Wolverine below and let us know what you think. Head to the band’s website and/or Facebook if you’d like to follow their every move.