UPDATE (4/13/18, 9:05am Eastern): 

Following the accusations by Reddit user Lasonambula, Tumblr user HolyBoquet, a past partner of Cameron Boucher, has come forward accusing Boucher of “a lot of emotional abuse and disrespect… during our relationship”.

In his original statement, Boucher said he had “taken the time to have honest conversations with previous intimate partners and given them the room to share if they had any experiences with me that were nonconsensual or disrespectful in any way. HolyBoquet says they were “not contacted or given space to talk about my collection of abusive experiences” and “felt enraged and responded to his statement with a tweet.”

Sorority Noise guitarist Adam Ackerman then contacted HolyBoquet pressuring them to remove the Tweet. HolyBoquet says, “I am sharing my story to show that [Reddit user Lasonambula]’s is not an isolated one, and after detailing their experiences, concludes, “For those reading this, I want you to know that there are positive voices in the music community that will be there for you and you’re not alone.”

HolyBoquet’s full story, including screenshots of text messages from Ackerman, can be seen here.



Just over a month ago, Sorority Noise announced they would be going on an indefinite hiatus following their US headlining tour and UK tour with The Wonder Years. The UK tour began just a few days ago, however the band have now canceled all remaining tour dates following sexual assault allegations against vocalist / guitarist Cameron Boucher.

On Tuesday, Boucher responded to a now-deleted Facebook post from Nicole Schoenholz (One Hundred Year Ocean, formerly of TWIABP) accusing him of raping a friend of hers. His statement read:

“I am aware of the Facebook post that Nicole Schoenholz made late last night that has made its way to Reddit and other social media.

I would like to firmly state that her accusations are false.

I take accusations of sexual violence and non consent very seriously. Since last night, I have taken time to have honest conversations with previous partners and given them room to share if they had any experiences with me that were nonconsensual or disrespectful in any way.

Following those dialogues, I can confirm that the accusations against me are baseless.

Please know I have handled with as much care and respect as possible. Thank you for reading this.”

Earlier today, Reddit user Lasonambula, who says they are the friend of Schoenholz, shared the following post with the title, “RE: Cameron Boucher is an abuser.”:

“Let’s start off by saying that I am the “friend” of Nicole’s that was raped by Cam Boucher. I’m making my statement on here as to preserve some sort of anonymity and keep my own social media separate, although I’m sure you freaks can figure out who I am.

I had been talking to Cam for a few months or so in 2013 – mostly texting, nothing serious although we both had some sort of romantic/sexual feelings for each other. Later that year I played a show with my old band in Albany. Cam came to the show and offered to let me stay at his house so I could catch a bus back to New York the next day. I agreed, we drove to his house, I printed out my bus ticket, I asked if I should sleep on the couch. He said no, you can sleep in my bed – so I did, and we started having a consensual sexual interaction. I fell asleep a little while later and I woke up to him touching me. When I finally woke up we started engaging in sex again, but my back was turned and he penetrated me without my consent, knowledge, or a condom. I immediately felt like something was wrong but I compartmentalized it for a month or so until I realized it was, in fact, rape.

Let me get something straight — this absolutely happened. I have never talked to Cam about it until last night. I have made that conscious choice. The only people that know about it are a handful of very close friends and old bandmates. Since the incident, I’ve moved to a different city, I’ve been in different bands, I’ve seen my friends that are fully aware of the abuse start bands with him, I’ve had an ex-boyfriend tell me they should have let him rape me and leave me to die, I’ve gone on tour with this dude, I’ve been hospitalized due to panic attacks associated with this trauma…but I’ve also been in a handful of really wonderful relationships, I’ve had a lot of great sex, I’ve been on a number of great trips and tours, I’ve experienced a lot. I made the decision five years ago to tell people I trusted about this and unfortunately one of them broke my trust. I never intended to have this in the public sphere, mostly because I don’t want to deal with backlash or people telling me this isn’t abuse. I wonder sometimes if Cam even remembers it.

Essentially, this isn’t as cut-and-dry as you want it to be. Cam is charming, very sweet, and he makes me forget a lot of the time that he is capable of such disgusting behavior — but he DID do it. He did rape me. I’ve just chosen to not call him out.”

In a statement shared on Facebook, the band said:

“From the band:

We are aware of the allegation against Cam that was posted on Reddit earlier today. Our team is doing it’s due diligence and looking into the matter as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we are no longer playing tonight’s show in London with The Wonder Years and will be removing ourselves from the remainder of the tour.

We are looking after Cam and taking him to receive treatment to ensure his health at this time.

It is difficult for us to say more at this moment as the rest of us are doing our best to handle the situation immediately in front of us. We will make an update as soon as we have any more information and clarity to offer.

We are sorry to let any of you down and extend our deepest regrets to those affected. Thank you.”

This news also comes not long after Old Gray, Boucher’s other band, announced a farewell tour for June.

As of writing, Boucher has yet to respond or comment publicly regarding the Reddit post; Old Gray also has yet to make any statement regarding their upcoming dates. Follow Substream on Twitter for all updates as this story develops.