This whole week is a week to be sweet. You should be extra sweet to your loved ones for Valentine’s Day. You should eat all the sweet treats and foods you can get your hands on. Those are the two major categories of sweetness we associate with this holiday, but why stop there? You should listen to sweet music to go along with the rest of the festivities. You’re in luck, because French band The Trash Mermaids, led by singer and creative mastermind Scarlett Blu, have delivered just what you need. Get ready to catch a sugar buzz with their new single “Sweet Candy,” premiering right here as an early Valentine’s gift.

Unsurprisingly, “Sweet Candy” leans heavy into the synths on the production. It lays down an entrancing beat to begin with, then spices things up with bursts of sound soaring up through the bass line. There’s also a horn solo, which is great on its own and provides an interesting change in sound when it appears. It’s clear Blu is having a great time throughout, delivering playful, romantic banter regarding the object of her affections. Turns out there are a lot of ways to flirt using references to candy, and Blu finds just about all of them. The end result is a track that not only sounds amazing to any pop fan out there, but is also a huge amount of fun.

“Sweet Candy” is largely autobiographical. Blu gave a simple and fittingly sweet statement about the track, saying “‘Sweet Candy’ is a side of me. It is about a girl who is fun-loving, playful and flirty. For her, each day is as sweet as Valentine’s Day!”

Dig into those Valentine’s Day treats early and stream “Sweet Candy” from The Trash Mermaids now.