The Kickdrums officially released their latest project, Blurred Colors.

Akeem (Psychtune) sat down with Alex to chat about his musical upbringing, his move from Brooklyn, NY to Spain & his new Album ‘Blurred Colors‘.


Since relocating from Brooklyn to Spain in 2018, Fitts has experienced a creative renaissance, resulting in some of the strongest material of his career. While his location doesn’t necessarily resonate in any overt ways on the new music, being freed from the pressures of New York City has opened up new channels of creativity for Fitts. The new album shows off a fresh blend of the best aspects of The KickDrums catalog with new twists that are sure to keep his fanbase happy while exciting new listeners who may be discovering his music for the first time. Blurred Colors serves as the perfect vessel to introduce this latest step in The KickDrums’ artistic journey. 


Quote from Alex Fitts (The KickDrums) about Blurred Colors:

“This project blends different vibes and influences, which is why I named it Blurred Colors. I’m super proud of the sound of the record. I feel like it’s uniquely me. Like I could play it for anyone and they’d have trouble making comparisons.”

Fast forward a few years, when Fitts found himself moving from his apartment in New York all the way across the Atlantic to Spain. After years of releasing music non-stop, Fitts took time to step away from his work, allowing him to clear his mind for a fresh start. Two years of living in Spain inspired novel ideas and impressive collaborations, building up to The KickDrums’ newest  album, 2020’s Blurred Colors. The first single, “The Power of Ideas,” featuring vocals from rapper Blu, is, according to BlackBook, “impossible to pigeonhole—but it’s ultimately driven by some totally unstoppable hooks and melodies.” Standout track “Sunshine Guy” has electro-pop Big Data sensibilities, and it feels especially relevant with the refrain, “All these days are blurring together.”


‘Blurred Colors’ Track listing.

  1. Sunshine Guy
  2. Picasso
  3. The Power of Ideas (f/ Blu)
  4. Love Is Fine
  5. Breathe Again
  6. Sleeping Limb (f/ R.A. The Rugged Man)
  7. The Craving
  8. Blurred Colors (f/ A-F-R-O)

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