The outcasts of the world often lead lonely lives, but PRETTY AWKWARD is attempting to bring hope to the hopeless with their latest single, “Misfits.”

The optimism of youth is fleeting. One minute you and your friends are dreaming of conquering the world, but the next, you’re buried in bills, working jobs you despise to afford this thing called life. It’s the kind of transition that happens slowly, and if you’re not careful, it’ll break you. Existence cares not for your hopes and dreams. Capitalism doesn’t care either. The things that matter to you only have the meaning you give them. If you want to keep going despite the world’s attempts to break you, then the only option is to fight, both for yourself and everyone you love.

But music doesn’t talk about that part of growing up. Most songs either speak to the youthful feelings of living forever or the cold reality of adulthood. “Misfits,” the latest single from PRETTY AWKWARD, finds a place in the middle that desperately needs attention. The band understands that there are thousands, maybe even millions of people who grew up as outsiders. They are the people who swore they would make something of themselves and ended up caught in the gears of the economic machine. The feeling of being meant for something more hasn’t faded, but seeing that side through has grown increasingly difficult, and that is where “Misfits” comes in.

Packed with hopeful instrumentations and lyrics that call for outsiders to band together in support of dreamers everywhere, “Misfits” arrives when it’s needed most. I think everyone has experienced hardships in 2020. Sometimes it seems like all you can do is wake up and try to stay above water a little longer, which is fine for now, but we are meant for more. PRETTY AWKWARD is motivating us to keep fighting for the things we want, and they are calling on believers everywhere to unite. The group knows that we are stronger together, and they’ve provided the anthem we need to support one another, even if our darkest days.

Austin Held of the band says of “Misfits”:

“Nicholas came up with a pretty sweet beat and passed it to me. When I first heard the track, I thought it was very nostalgic sounding and wanted to capture that vibe lyrically. One of the first things that came to mind was the phrase “we are Misfits,” and from there, it was pretty easy to put together.

He continues: “The story evolved when we got into the studio with a pair of producers called HEAVY in Los Angeles, CA. For us, it’s always an interesting and exciting experience to include another perspective in our process and really watch what a song can [become]. The song, which started as a ballad, becomes more of an anthem and paints a fun and rebellious vibe well. ‘Misfits’ to us feels very much like the middle of summer, riding bikes and hanging out. Especially during these times, being there for our friends and family couldn’t be more important. We love the imagery of that compassion and unity it conveys in the song. Sarah Rose Reichert, who worked on the lyric video with us, did a great job of capturing the vibe we were [trying to achieve]. We hope you like it!”

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