Snoop Dogg returns to today’s dance music to collaborate with fast-rising stars Besomorph, Scott Rill, and andrei on the exciting new hit, titled “Want 2.” After accumulating over a billion streams, Besomorph new collaboration is a once-in-a-life-time experience song that features a fusion of Brazilian Bass and Slap House, but boasts a much darker and bass-heavy twist.

“Want 2” executes a club-ready, forward thinking sound from the chemistry of Besomorph, Scott Rill, and andrei with Snoop Dogg accompanying as a special guest with an intimidating fast-pace rhyme donned with dominating vocals. Together, the new track is a dirty and dark, making for an unforgettable listening experience. Adding Snoop and his iconic star power with today’s dance is a dream come true that the world will enjoy forever.

“Bringing hip-hop together with house has always been a childhood dream – as I love both genres equally,” said Besomorph in a press release.

“Want 2” comes with Besomorph trailblazing a path to the top with several tracks been featured twice on Netflix, in popular shows such as “Elite” and “On My Block.” The new success is blanket with a new deal with music powerhouse, Universal Music Group. And with “Want 2,” Besomorph is prepared to deliver a big summer filled with more music and big time thrills in live performances across the world.

Snoop Dogg appears on the track courtesy of Death Row Records/gamma.

Stream the new collaboration below, and afterward, follow Besomorph on social media.