Chelsea Collins X 24kgoldn have released “Water Run Dry”, a poppy summer anthem perfect for this boring quarantine season. In the song, Collins laments about an oncoming breakup, coating the crucial moments before a relationship dissolves in sugary, bubblegum vocals.

And the video, directed by Roxana Baldovin, is totally a splash— featuring Collins and 24kGold in a life-sized California dollhouse, and a little girl playing with doll-sized versions of the two. In her head, everything is undoubtedly perfect, but as we see once the dolls blow up to human-size, not everything is as it seems. “I wanted this song and video to execute the world that’s inside of my head — somewhat similar to a weird vintage rom com where at first the drama of love is so toxic, passionate and thrilling but eventually my lover and I have a happy ending,” Collins told NYLON Friday upon the track’s premiere.

“Unfortunately reality isn’t as fun and it kinda feels like some cranky dude is controlling your path, who’s lowkey salty whenever something feels too amazing,” she continues. “My intuition will tell me to run, but I’m notorious for acting like a Stepford wife, trying to recreate my past feelings yet they’re all super robotic. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky and love won’t have to be so bittersweet, but until then I’ll learn to smile even when things blow up in my face.”

Watch the video for “Water Run Dry” below.