Chart-topping act JAGMAC celebrates the value of family in the joyful new visual, titled, “Motivation.”

A real hallmark moment during a time of uncertainty, the band drops an international single and visual that brings us all together in the spirit of love and harmony. In the high-quality music video, the group displays hard work through humble pursuits with lyrics like, “Tell my father don’t be stressed about the bank. Go ten times harder than I should, so we find a place with no worries one day”. Motivated to succeed, the video parallels a real-life attitude that has brought the band ample success.

JAGMAC’s Gabriel describes: “It was inspired by life moments that motivated us to pursue our dream. It examines our life together too. We mention singing on a karaoke machine, which is a big thing in Filipino culture. Our Polish grandfather always hoped we’d win a GRAMMY®, so we reference that as well. We’re telling the fans we’re still in this and doing what we love.”

“Motivation” success comes from cultural similarities exhibited around the world. “We’ve been surrounded by various cultures forever,” fellow group member Angelique explains. “We love all different kinds of foods and listen to genres from everywhere. That diversity is beautiful to us.” Manjo goes on to say, “There are modern vibes, Afrobeats, Indian sounds, Latin rhythms and, of course, a lot of Filipino influences.”

Before “Motivation,” JAGMAC built up a stacked resume of achievements. The band’s previous hits have received support from Sirius XM and Spotify playlists. Succeeding at radio, their previous track “Soldiers” reached #1 on Billboard’s Breakout Chart for “Dance Club Songs.” It peaked at #15 on the Dance Club Songs Chart and #5 on the Commercial Pop Chart. Their single “Right Back With You” shot to #6 on the Commercial Pop TOP 30 in the UK and #3 on the Upfront CLUB Top 30 UK.

JAGMAC has created a universal sound that can be felt on every corner of the globe. Follow JAGMAC today on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

“Motivation” is available on all DSPs via Unitas Entertainment. For more JAGMAC music, listen to the band’s complete catalog on Spotify.

Watch “Motivation” below.