The Ataris = rule

We Were Sharks = rule

Randy Frobel, vocalist for We Were Sharks, loves the Ataris so much that he wanted to help me rank their albums. We did such below and smiled:

5. Welcome to the Night (2007)
SW: Welcome to this article.
RF: Welcome! “New Year’s Day” is what got me hooked on this album.
SW: My connection to you is more dangerous than a lie.
RF: Agreed. I slowly got into this bigger than life rock and roll format, and now I’m a super-fan of “Welcome To The Night”.
SW: It’s a grower, not a shower. I’d listen to it anywhere.
4. Anywhere but Here (1997)
RF: Anywhere but here?
SW: As we speak.
RF: I guess we’ll get into some angry nerd rock.
SW: Yeah, dude. You get it. Make it last.
RF: 1…2…3…4
SW: And this one’s four. Let’s end this section forever.
3. End Is Forever (2001)
RF: Let’s start with a bad case of broken heart.
SW: This is when the earth’s collective heart bled for The Ataris.
RF: It kind of misses the summer wind.
SW: Indeed. It needs a hug.
RF: I guess for the hug I.O.U One Galaxy.
2. So Long, Astoria (2003)
SW: I’ve been waiting So Long, Astoria.
RF: (excited shout)
SW: Looking back on today, Randy, I wouldn’t change a thing.
RF: I’ll just put all of my happy notes in this diary.
SW: This is when the major label’s collective soul bled for The Ataris.
RF: Takeoffs and landings: That’s my reply.
1. Blue Skies, Broken Hearts…Next 12 Exits (1999)
SW: We made the right choices: This album should be #1.
RF: Number one like San Dimas’ High School Football team will always be, amirite?”