As we wind our way through fall, the weather gets crisper and the days grow shorter. Something about this weather makes rock music even more appealing to add into the rotation. The bracing sonic attack of rock just fits perfectly with the mood of the world when you step outside. While it’s even better now, good rock is appreciated the whole year round. Athens, Georgia band Deep State are making some very good rock, and they’re about to have a lot more of it for you. We’re thrilled to not only premiere the band’s new single “Under The Gun,” but also to share the announcement the band’s new album The Path To Fast Oblivion is coming in February.

“Under The Gun” is a perfect introduction for new fans of Deep State. Taylor Chmura and Christian Deroeck share both vocal and guitar duties, and the dual threat of these two immediately makes for a distinctive sound. Riffs are piled on top of even more riffs, each well thought out on their own, and creating a dense, fantastic sound when woven together. Michael Gonzalez’s drums provide just the right amount of punctuation on those riffs, and Brandon Page on bass keeps “Under The Gun” moving along right on schedule.

Deep State gave a cryptic–but intriguing–quote about the track. They said “A man who has lost touch, yet is extremely narcissistic, only notices colors, inanimate objects, entitlement, hateful underneath it all. Faced with any pressure, denies accountability for anything.” Unfortunately, I think we all know some people like that.

You can stream “Under The Gun” below. Deep State’s new album The Path To Fast Oblivion is set for release on February 1, 2019, through Friendship Fever. Check out the album’s artwork after the jump.

EDIT 10/31 1:25 PM: The post has been updated to reflect the correct release date of February 1, 2019. Substream regrets the error.

deep state album cover