Just like film and television, music videos can be any genre an artist desires. Music videos can contain sweeping period dramas, heartwarming romantic gestures, or over the top comedy. They can also be horror movies, if a musician so desires. It’s October 1, and what better way to begin the spooky celebrations than with a music video that contains a bundle of B-movie horror goodness? Savannah, Georgia’s Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks have put out the music video for their song “Lost My Head,” and we have the spooky premiere right here.

The video for “Lost My Head” quickly introduces us to our protagonist, a pink-haired woman who appears to be running from something in the woods. As she tries to find her way through the trees, trippy lighting and mirror images appear on the screen. Eventually our hero finds what she needs, a box full of various potions and substances. After she takes one of the substances in the box, things get even spookier. It seems our hero has a pursuer, a creepy goblin man who may or may not even be real. Thankfully the woman finds her destination, and is joined at the close of the music video by some surprising guests.

When asked to explain the idea behind the music video, band member Blake Lumry said “‘Lost My Head’ is about running away from your demons and that moment when they finally catch up to you. Like taking some black acid and having a bad-spooky trip. I think the video captures this well. You can run but you can’t hide.”

Get ready to get the creeps, then watch the video for “Lost My Head” below.