Con Etiquette is a high-energy rock band out of South Connecticut. The band formed in 2014 when Antonio Lappostato was getting tattooed by Michael Mandanici, and ultimately they won dup talking about music. Lappostato had recently released his own solo EP, Profound, and Mandanici came out to the show — and that’s how Con Etiquette all started. The two began writing music together the week after, inviting Vin Testani to join on guitar. The band went through a few different short-lived bass players, Dan Nicolari settled into he role for the band, with Matt Krugel recently joining on drums to round out the group.

Con Etiquette released their latest three-song EP, The Company We Keep, back in October 2017. Since its release, the band spent most of this year expanding their reach with consistent touring. Throughout the year, they have shared the stage with Have Mercy, Such Gold, The Dangerous Summer, All Get Out, A Will Away, Household, and more.

One of the tracks for that EP is the energetic “Et Tu, Brute?” — one that, according to the band, is “About losing connections to loved ones because of the inability to keep personal demons at bay.” The track itself represents the sound of Con Eqieutte very well, as they blend 90’s alternative with modern rock, and at times creating tracks that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Chevelle record.

“We are super excited to premiere the video on the spookiest day of the year. It just seems fitting for its subject matter,” Con Etiquette shares regarding the music video. It is a fitting one for Halloween, as the video interjects between shots of the band performing and cult-like activities being performed in the woods.

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