“These body wars/They’re tearing up my soul and leavin me torn/Like a live battleground/Why can’t the head and heart just get along now?”

I don’t think that I’ve ever wanted to shout a “YAAASSSS MISS THANG! COME THRU WITH THE REALNESS!!!” as loud as I wanted to when first I heard the chorus to June Divided‘s incredible new song “Body Wars,” but I mean…come on. Those lyrics speak to the one symptom of the human condition that nobody can escape: knowing you can’t have something doesn’t stop you from wanting it. We most commonly experience this phenomenon when dating. For example: Your brain knows that you shouldn’t sweat that boy that won’t text you back, but your heart’s out here telling you that it’s time to GET EXTRA and send that double text. Trust me. I am the kind of sending that double text.

Let’s get back to the song. I couldn’t be more excited to share “Body Wars” with y’all! The track comes from a new EP of the same name, coming soon from the band’s new home at Revival Recordings, and is the anthem for indecision.I still can’t believe that June Divided found a way to take that moment when you’re pulling yourself in opposite directions and make it feel empowering, but they did just that.

The song is immediately full of soul. I can’t imagine anybody not getting goosebumps the first time they hear Melissa Menago’s powerhouse vocals crooning the opening lyrics of “I could wait until I’m dead/For my heart to catch up to my head/Maybe I could use some help/Cause I lost a war against myself.” And it only gets better from there. As the track progresses, the drums get more thunderous and the guitars more spacious, giving Menago’s vocals room to run when she pushes them to the full extent of their uproarious power.

When asked about the song, Menago says: “When Body Wars was written, I knew right off the bat that it was going to be the title track for the EP. It seemed to sum up everything we were trying to say on that record- not just lyrically, but also musically. It’s ok to have internal conflict, and to acknowledge that battle is the first step towards solving it, whatever it is. The song, Body Wars, is about taking that step, and the record, Body Wars, represents some first steps for our band as well.”

You can stream “Body Wars” above. Body Wars will be released this Spring on Revival Recordings. Snag your copy of the album here!