Late in 2016, London trio the Survival Code released a brand new three-track EP, titled Broken Strings. Once you hear the band’s brand of heavy rock music, that title will really come as no surprise.

The Survival Code’s newest single from the EP, “One,” immediately opens with a fast, driving riff and the track’s accompanying video gives you an up-close-and-personal look at the shredding, too. That goes for the bass and drums as well as the lead guitar. The entire video is essentially an intimate showcase of the members’ talents and it works well for the highly distorted jam. Watch the video below.

The band is currently preparing to release a new full-length record this summer while continuing to support Broken Strings in the meantime, so be on the lookout for more new material from the Survival Code. Broken Strings is available now and can be purchased through the band’s website.