Gonhills is a highly-regarded new prospect in today’s music with his unique style and charismatic approach using dark and moody influence. From Boston, he’s loaded up a string of magnetic hits to prepare the world for his new collection, titled, Departure.

The new project features Gonhills recent cut, “Subway”. A personal track that displays a side of Gonhills that balances an approachable sound for fans both new and old. Simple hook, catchy tone and magnetic vibe, it’s potentially his best work yet. “Subway” follows up previous building tracks, “The Grinch,” “Visa,” and “Itaewon”. Departure is a six-track effort that features new songs, “CVS” and “Simpsons”.

Electric, creative and refreshing, Departure is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans. Available now on Gonhills’ own imprint. For more Gonhills, follow the star on social media.

Stream Departure below, courtesy Spotify.