Music is not just for dancing along with. Of course it’s always great when a song sounds good, but many artists use their music for much larger purposes. They use it to work through their own problems in the hopes that it will help someone else, too. They use it to deliver their beliefs to the world in order to inspire others. Pop duo RUUMER–made up of sisters Melis and Jess–definitely have the “sounds great” part of music down, and their latest single “Gimme Some” shows the duo’s efforts to weigh in on social issues as well. They’ve definitely succeeded, and we’re happy to share the song and its music video with you now.

“Gimme Some” subscribes to the “less is more” mantra of indie-pop on the music side, with a light smattering of synths and bells serving as a setting to let the sisters’ vocals and lyrics take most of the attention. This is a wise decision, as RUUMER have a lot to say. “Gimme Some” is referring to exactly what you think it is, but RUUMER are unashamed to talk about sex and romance. The lyrics they and rapper Sammy Adams deliver directly address the absurdity that women should be demure and ashamed to talk about their desires.

The music video continues with that trend. Shown with a grainy filter while RUUMER and their friends hit the town, the “Gimme Some” video also showcases the power women hold. Peaches and strawberries are shown in between shots of the girls dressing exactly how they want and having a great time owning their feelings. In another brilliant move that showcases the thought RUUMER put into the project, Adams never physically appears in the video, with the women lip-syncing his verse instead.

RUUMER had a clear goal in mind while creating “Gimme Some.” They explain “”We teamed up with rapper Sammy Adams to drop ‘GIMME SOME.’ It’s a vibey, anthemic jam that’s all about empowering women’s sexuality. Inspired by our Catholic school upbringing, it is essentially a satire on the sexually oppressing environment of our youth. We worked with a dope female director, MK Schneider, to create the Music Video for the record. There are competing visuals of women being traditionally feminine and the new age confidence in being who you are no matter how you look, no matter what you like. It embraces all angles of the modern woman and shatters the stereotypes that they are given.”

You can watch the music video for RUUMER’s brand new single “Gimme Some” below.