Perfect for quarantine, Benny Duhay, the first generation sensation, shows off his enormous lyrical prowess following a breakout hit early 2020 with the new single, creatively-titled, “Bubble Rap.”

In the new single, the highly-publicized rapper reveals a new side of his style with an energetic flow, bubbly attitude and witty wordplay. Switching up from his brooding mentality exhibited in previously released “Mexico,” Benny Duhay proves he is ready for the stardom by revealing his diversity, natural appeal and adaptability.

“Bubble Rap” is the result of Duhay’s evolution as an emcee. During the pandemic, he studied rhyming as an artform and increased his skill level, value and more. In “Bubble Rap” Benny keeps things ‘poppin’ with lyrical versatility and potent punchlines from beginning to end.

Originally from Tel Aviv, the first of his family to become an American citizen; however, english was not Benny Duhay’s first language. Now, in Los Angeles, Benny plans for the rest of 2020 include several more releases following “Bubble Rap”success.

“Bubble Rap” is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans. The buoyant dynamics on “Bubble Rap” give fans a high energy bounce that means business. The song’s popularity creates anticipation for a forthcoming full-length release promised in 2021. For more on Benny Duhay, follow him on Instagram.

Listen to “Bubble Rap” below.