U.K.’s Alexandra Hepburn, best known as professional singer/songwriter Alex Hepburn, is a breath of fresh air in today’s pop music charts. The U.K. songbird is eager to make a huge splash on this side of the pond with the release of her brass new single, “Take Home To Mama”.

The immediate follow-up to Alex’s previous single, “I Believe”. “If You Stay” is an attention-grabbing aggressive new single with Hepburn addressing her frustrations and demands a change or prepared to change social status from “in a relationship” to “single” directly.

Alex on “Take Home to Mama”:

“It’s about not conforming to your mother-in-law’s high expectations for her son and not caring about what people think of you. My ex’s mother-in-law was a judgemental bitch I wrote it for her…”

Stream “Take Home To Mama”, available now via Parlophone / Warner Music France.