Columbus Ohio rock band The Candescents have released a new song called “Back of Your Hand.” It is the third track released from their debut EP, Riverside Dr, which will be released on September 10th.

Following the previously released singles “Chinese New Year” and “Boyfriend,” this new track shows the band pushing their sound in a new direction for them. “Back of Your Hand” ditches the pop sensibilities of the previous singles, and instead pushes more into the grunge/garage-rock territory that they experimented with on “Boyfriend.” The Candescents have pushed out a song similar to some bits of Weezer, littered with a few different guitar solos that sound inherently retro in their own way.

Ultimately, “Back of Your Hand” solidifies the Candescents commitment to change and adaptability. They have successfully released a third single that shows their dynamic range as musicians, and has us excited for their debut EP. Check out the new single for yourself below.

If you like what you hear from the three singles released so far, their Riverside Dr. EP will be released on September 10th. Feel free to keep up with the band on Twitter and Facebook, though we will certainly keep you updated on this up-and-coming dynamic band.