We love a good music video that’s a little on the side of avant-garde. When it’s connected to a song we love, its even better. That’s what we have on our hands with the release of duo Midnight Sister’s music video for “Blue Cigar,” the first track off their debut album.

Midnight Sister (Juliana Giraffe and Ari Balouzian) have provided us with a funky little number in “Blue Cigar,” Giraffe’s vocals bouncing along almost as much as Balouzian’s work on the keyboard. The video starts with a closeup on a blue cigar, and that might be the most normal moment in the whole thing. There are ballerina mimes, a yellow and white eye, the duo performing, and more colorful characters against the blue-striped background. Words can only do it so much justice, so it’s definitely worth a watch or two.

The duo’s debut album is called Saturn Over Sunset and is being put out through Jagjaguwar. The album is out on September 8, and we can’t wait to see what the band have in store for us.