Heartbreak is never a fun feeling. You develop strong feelings for someone and things are going great, but whether they don’t feel as strongly or something happens, either way you end up hurting. It happens to all of us at some point. What you do afterwards is what matters. It’s okay to mope for a little bit, but it’s always good to take that pain and turn it into something productive that will help you grow. In the case of Californian trio The Habits, they turned their pain into a spectacular pop song called “Robber In A Dress.” We have the premiere of “Robber In A Dress” right here on Substream this morning.

While moping might be your MO after a breakup, The Habits’ new single is all high energy. Singer Wolf Bradley grabs and runs with the theme of a robber or thief in the lyrics, and it resonates because of that sense that something was taken from us when our hearts break. Drummer Andrew Macatrao’s considerable skill gives “Robber In A Dress” its drive and urgency, barreling ahead into the listener’s ears. What really sets The Habits apart is Chance Famighetti on the piano, and that holds true here as well. The incorporation of smart piano work to mix with the drums, singing, and Bradley’s guitar playing makes “Robber In A Dress” unlike any pop song you’ve heard before.

To explain the origin of “Robber In A Dress,” The Habits said “I have a problem giving my heart to people who don’t deserve it. Relationships that are all about attention and nothing else. ‘Robber In A Dress’ is about manipulation and betrayal. It’s about that some one who comes into your life, takes what they want, and leaves you feeling like a mannequin of who you once were. It’s lyrically dramatic and sonically flashy just like the highs and lows of love and heartbreak. We had a blast recording it for all you guys and hope you are as stoked on it as we are!”

You can listen to “Robber In A Dress” below. If your heart is in pieces, wipe away the tears, put this song on repeat, and know that you’re going to make it.