London’s alternative/punk band Jack the Envious have taken the road less traveled, in many respects, to get to where they are. The band formed back in 2012 when vocalist/guitarist Nir Perlman and bassist Guy Checkarov were serving in the Israeli army, and have since been joined by guitarist Emmanuel Andrade and drummer James MacPherson.

The first couple years of their career, they found themselves performing locally and writing, struggling to mix band life and their national service time. However, the band were able to release their debut EP, Pull You Down, in 2016 and got things really rolling as a band. After more successful shows and local acclaim, the band decided to pack up and move to London in 2017.

In addition to relocating, 2017 saw Jack the Envious release their second EP, In Your Own Way. They then followed that with a rigorous touring schedule that had them performing at notable venues such as the O2 Academy, Scala, The Key Club, and more.

Now, Jack the Envious is gearing up to release their third EP, Bleeding Honesty, later this year. The EP is set to be produced, mixed, and mastered all independently. As the title suggests, the band is aiming to release their most intimate and lyrically honest material to date.

To represent that, we are excited to premiering a new song for you today called “Walk in the Dark” from Jack the Envious. Don’t let the upbeat catchiness to the track fool you, as Perlman states “’Walk in the Dark’ was mainly based on the constant struggle we have inside ourselves every day, that fight between doing what you feel is right and what’s expected of you. A lot of people have these daily struggles and we really resonated with that, chasing your dreams is never an easy task and there’s a toll we all pay sometimes. But at the end of the day this song also carries an optimistic tone to a very dark concept and we felt it should have been addressed in a more optimistic approach.”

Check out our premiere of “Walk in the Dark” at the top of the post, and follow Jack the Envious on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep up with them!