The latest single, “Sugar”, set to drop on January 28th from West Virginia native Trey Christie, is not what you would expect from the mountains of the midwest. The video is like being in a time machine that drops you off somewhere in the late 60’s early 70’s. Trey himself even gives off this vintage vibe with his body language, outfit and outstanding mustache complimented by his feathered haircut. Let me be clear, I’m not poking fun. I’m merely pointing out the obvious. At the end of the day it’s all about the music and the visuals which Trey Christie has pulled off in his new single. “I was watching Austin Powers and got inspired by the times.  I wanted to encapsulate that sound and elevate it to a more modern level with my producer BREYER while also keeping Austin’s sex appeal.  The man was a fiend for love and “Sugar” is about that – lovin'”, explains Christie. When talking about the video, Christie added, “For the video (which was filmed and edited by my good friend Ralph Moyers), I wanted that throwback vibe with bright colors and retro threads.  The set really took me back to that era so I couldn’t help but groove.  I hope everyone rides that wave with me too.”

Influenced by Jack Johnson, Frank Ocean, and Cage The Elephant, he blends his musical style with bouncy melodies, smooth beats, and positive vibes. Trey now resides in sunny Los Angeles where he claims the title of “Sunlight Messiah” while he begins his journey to the top having already been invited to play numerous industry showcases.


Trey Christie will be showcasing on Tuesday, January 25th in LA with Breaking Sound at Madame Siam. Tickets for this event can be purchased HERE.
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